Tip: Forced Safari 5.1 reloads

Ted Landau
4 December, 2011
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If you have multiple tabs open in a Safari window, you may find that when you click to change the active tab, the newly selected page temporarily goes blank as it reloads. Typically, at this point, the same reloading will occur for each and every tab that you subsequently select to view.

While this forced reloading is often a minimal irritation, it can become quite annoying if pages do not quickly reload or if the content of a page has changed in the interim. And if you have dozens of tabs and windows open, having them all reload is not a happy prospect even under the best of circumstances. Is there anything you can do to minimise or eliminate these forced reloads? Because the problem is often caused by a flaky Safari extension or internet plug-in, one strategy is to disable the culprit. If you’re not certain which particular add-on, if any, is behind all the trouble, you’ll need to do some trial-and-error experimentation. Otherwise, increasing your computer’s memory may help avoid forced reloads.

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