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Christopher Breen
23 August, 2011
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I prefer to use Snow Leopard’s column view but I’m tired of having to constantly resize columns because I can’t see the full names of the items in them. Is there some setting I can use to see those full names?

- Alec Decker

Open a Finder window in Column view and double-click on the Resize handle at the bottom of the window (to the right of the column you want to resize). The column will expand to the width of the longest name in the column.

For example, instead of seeing a cryptic Macworld…une 2011 you’ll see Macworld Australia June 2011.

Here’s another trick: When you Option-drag on a column handle and then close the window, the Finder will use that column size settings for every Finder window you open.

More? OK. Control-click (or right-click) on a column handle, and you’ll see three options: Right Size This Column, Right Size All Columns Individually, and Right Size All Columns Equally.

The first option does what I outlined earlier – makes that column the width of the longest name in the column. The second option does this same thing for each individual column that contains items (so each column will be a different size based on the length of names within each column). And the third imposes the widest column length on all the columns.

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