Social Media: The one-click promotion

Tara Brady
7 July, 2011
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Social Media has changed the way we interact with the internet. We spend time sharing our thoughts, showing our photos and connecting with our friends through messaging and chat. We discuss our feelings on current events in real time.

The problem for a large number of us comes when we want to share our expertise with those outside our immediate network of friends.

For example, I have numerous friends who have just finished their degrees and want to know how to promote themselves through social media without allowing fans to see the photos and comments concerning Saturday night’s antics.

Easy! You can combine Facebook and Twitter to promote businesses, organisations, blogs, bands, books – essentially anything for which you want to build an audience.

If you already have a Facebook account you are already halfway there. The first place to start is by creating a Facebook fan page.

If you already use Facebook head to to do this.

If you are new to Facebook and are only creating an account to manage this fan page, the great news is you can set up your account to only log into this page by heading to the Accounts tab and clicking the ‘Use Facebook as this page’ option.

Once you have a fan page you will be able to see the number of hits and comments in the sidebar, and Facebook will also send you a monthly email with the data.

If you’re anything like me the thought of managing an existing Facebook account, Facebook fan page and Twitter account seems like hard work. But you can make things easier by using the Twitter app in Facebook, which allows your nominated Twitter account to post to your Facebook page.

Before you can add the Twitter app to your Facebook page you need to have a Twitter account set up, so go to to do this. Be careful when choosing this username as this is the name of your account and will be used in your tweets.

To link your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you only need to make comments in one place, add the Twitter app to your Facebook page by going to and allowing the app to access your Facebook page.

The hardest part of this whole process is allowing Twitter to post to your Facebook fan page but not to your personal wall. The screenshot (above) shows the options that appear when you connect the two sites. Now with one click you can share the content between both sites.

Although this is the easiest way to join the two, you still need to check into both Facebook and Twitter to see what’s happening. Guess what? There is also a solution to that.

RockMelt is a web browser based on Google Chrome that integrates social media and browsing. The team at RockMelt took the idea of the internet connecting you to your world, and redesigned the way a browser works.

They started by adding a full suite of Facebook integration tools. From the very start of the browser, you log-in via your Facebookaccount, establishing your place in the cloud.

Next, they added Twitter to the equation giving you access to all the tweets in your feed whenever you want them. They then integrated the ability to watch RSS feeds from the browser’s framework.

You can see how my browser looks in the screenshot, with everything at my fingertips!

The move from Safari to RockMelt has been extraordinary. Not only do my web pages load faster but the inclusion of Chrome extensions, and RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds allows me to share my ideas with my fans with one click.

Businessman image by Shockunin via Wikimedia Commons.

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