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Macworld Australia Staff
3 September, 2011
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I recently took some photos at my nephew’s wedding and then edited a few using Preview. (Big mistake!) This gave the new photos a different creation time, which then meant they were in the wrong order when I synced them with my iPad. Hmmm.

Here’s how I got the shots into an order that made sense:

Import all the shots into iPhoto and assemble them in an album by selecting all, then creating a new album from File > New > Album. In the album you can arrange the order
to suit. Then select all, and go to Photos > Batch Change. Select Date in the drop-down box, then select the actual date the photos were taken – or, if it’s not important, then today’s date will do.

Tick the ‘Add’ box and select your time options then, importantly, tick the ‘Modify original files’ box. Click OK and your photos will be in order on your iPad.

Pete Miller

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