Reader tip: Sort out compilations in iTunes

Macworld Australia Staff
27 January, 2012
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Here is a tip for an issue that I recently raised on the forums and found the solution to myself, perhaps it could be of use to others. I recently noticed a rather odd issue when playing a number of albums titled ‘Greatest Hits’ released by a number of different artists (in this case by INXS, Billy Idol, ZZ Top and Guns N’ Roses).

If you go in to Music then choose Albums and scroll down to any individual album and select you’ll notice that the track listing may well show the listings for all of the ‘Greatest Hits’ albums, meaning that you cannot listen to any one of the albums individually.

Fortunately this is actually fairly easy to fix:

1. Open iTunes and select all of the tracks on the ‘Greatest Hits’ album by one of the artists that you are having problems with.

2. Right-click to get info on all of the tracks (iTunes will probably prompt to ask if you are sure you want to do this; say Yes).

3. In the box that appears next, click on the Options item.

4. Here you will be presented with a list of items, place a tick in the ‘Part of a compilation’ option and ensure that this is set to No.

5) Click OK and repeat with the other albums.

You will now find when you transfer the updated albums to your iPhone/iPod/iPad that when you select a single Greatest Hits album it will work as it should.
– Jamie Dobbs


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  1. Bernie Marshall says:

    And you can use this to do the REVERSE. So many albums I put on from CD end up being split into two or three different albums on iTunes – eg all those tracks that have someone else listed as the artist, as well as the main person.

    So I followed the above steps and did the reverse – told iTunes all the tracks were part of a compilation, and hey presto – just one album instead of three and all the tracks collected back together and in the right order.

  2. bob says:

    to this doesn’t work with the new iTunes 11

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