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Macworld Australia Staff
28 December, 2012
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There are some internet links I like to get to without the bother of opening the browser so I add them to the dock. Some examples are the weather forecast, ABC iView and the RTA’s traffic status.

First I open the site in Safari, then click and drag the icon next to the URL (the favicon) to the Dock between the wastepaper basket and the divider which separates the program and non-program content.

A ‘spring-loaded’ folder (Apple calls them URL or @ icons) appears in the spot you selected. When the cursor moves near the folder its name appears. All the features of the page are available when the icon is clicked.

Perhaps after reading this someone will let me know if there is a similar function I can put on my wife’s iPad.

– George Greenwood


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  1. Mr T says:

    If you mean to a web page, you do that from Safari (and I assume others browsers support this as well):
    1. ) Open Safari and navigate to the web page
    2. )Tap on the Bookmark button (just to the left of the address field, looks like a square with an arrow)
    3. )Select Add to Home Screen.

  2. may johansson says:

    to george greenwood re putting abc iview shortcut on to his wife’s ipad
    first– just google the abc iview site that you want, on to her ipad and then email this to herself.
    secondly,access this email and click on to the url, which is highlighted in blue.
    thirdly,look up to top of page on the left where you will see 3 small icons ,choose the tiny arrow (next to the cloud icon) and in the drop down menu choose to put it on the home screen.
    lastly,you can even put it on to the bottom of the ipad screen if you want to have really easy access
    These insructions sound complicated but they are really easy.

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