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Rick Broida, PC World
22 November, 2010
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Do you still go to every time you want to tweet something? That, my friends, is one colossal waste of time (not to mention a hassle).

If you’re a Firefox user, you can tweet right from your browser’s address bar. All you need is the fiendishly clever TwitterBar add-on.

What’s so fiendish about it? TwitterBar makes tweeting so easy, you’ll probably end up doing a lot more of it – and, if I may gently remind you, no one cares what you had for breakfast today. Not even your mum.

Anyway, TwitterBar adds a “tweet” icon to the tail end of the Firefox address bar. Just type your update, then click the icon – or mouse over it to see how many characters you have left. (As with all tweets, you’re limited to 140.)

If all you want to do is tweet the address of the site you’re viewing, there’s no typing required. Just click the TwitterBar icon. Like I said: clever!

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  1. Marie says:

    This is a great tool – thanks for letting us know about it. I have been using Tweet Deck, but lately haven’t been able to open it, which is a pain. This addon means I may return to Tweeting!

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