Playing podcasts in chronological order

Christopher Breen
22 October, 2011
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My iPod nano plays podcasts in a newest-to-oldest order. Is there a way to force an iPod to play episodes from oldest to newest?

John Keith

On your iPod navigate to your podcasts, select the podcast show you want to listen to (not an episode of the show but rather the entry for the show in the Podcasts screen) and press Play. The episodes of that show will play in chronological order – starting with the oldest first. When the episode finishes, the next in chronological order will play. (With iOS devices this isn’t an issue, as podcast episodes appear in oldest-to- newest order by default.)

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  1. Rick C in Oakville says:

    I would like my Ipod Nano 16gb to do the opposite, I want the latest on top as I need to scroll through all the Podcasts (several hundred) that I have already listened to, to get to the latest. Anyway to get it to sort this way?



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