Open and edit Microsoft files on your iOS device

David Bradforth
18 April, 2012
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Step 1: Upload your work

You’ll first need to copy your files to an iOS device. Open Quickoffice Pro and you’ll see a Wi-Fi IP address towards the bottom of the main window. Enter this into your web browser. Click Upload Files within this window, then Add Files and navigate to where your file is. Click Choose/OK then Upload.


Step 2: Open your work

Now that the files have been copied across to your iOS device, you can open them by touching On iPhone, which will open the Documents window. Select the file you wish to open and the correct component of Quickoffice Pro will open the file – in this case the word processor.


Step 3: Formatting text

Press the Formatting icon to set the colour, style, typeface and size of your text, as well as its position within the paragraph. To set red text in bold using the font Arial at 12 point, for example, select red from the colour icon, bold from the styles area, Arial from the fonts list, then 12 point for the size.


Step 4: Paragraph alignment

To set the position of text, touch Paragraph towards the bottom of the formatting palette. You can align text to the left, centre or right. To do this, use your finger to drag the alignment text across the three boxes provided towards the top of the palette. This alters the position of your text within the paragraph.


Step 5: Text tools

To find a particular string of text within the document, you’ll need to use the text tools icon (second to the left across the bottom of the display). Press it, then click Find and finally type in the string you are looking for. Touch Search when ready and the app will search for that particular string.


Step 6: Making changes

The third icon along the bottom is the undo/redo icon. This lets you step backwards and forwards within your document to remove or reinstate changes. Tap the icon and you’re presented with Undo, Redo and Cancel. Undo steps back in your document, redo goes forward, while cancel closes the window.

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