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Martin Kingsley
28 August, 2011
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I am trying to find software for my Mac to take care of personal finance – I guess a personal version of MYOB. I’ve found a lot out there but nothing that seems to cater well to Australian users.

I’m looking for something comprehensive enough to be useful, but not so complicated that it’s off-putting to use properly. Could you give some recommendations that fit the above brief?

- Ben Lopez, Phillip, ACT

In terms of Aussie-friendly personal finance management products for the Mac, you should take a look at MYOB’s range of Mac-centric accounting products, beginning with FirstEdge, their small business accounting package. At $239, it handles most everything you’d expect it to and won’t break the bank in the process (there’s also the more comprehensive AccountEdge, at $839, but that might be overkill).

Cognito, a New Zealand-based company, also makes a great Oz-compatible accounting package for small business called MoneyWorks Express, which clocks in at $450, also pretty affordable in the accounting package space


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  1. Guest says:

    Try Mint.com

  2. Ben Kirton says:

    Great, except for the person asked for personal finance software that has nothing in common with small business software.

  3. DAVE says:


  4. Daryl Lambourne says:

    I use iBank, it is great for managing personal finances and is capable of producing customised reports. It also has a IOS app for syncing and capture on the run. It is US based but for personal use it does everything I need it to do for Australian financial management and comes at a much more reasonable cost.

  5. Rj says:

    For a personal package, these programs are overkill and too expensive. What is needed is a quicken like program.
    I run quicken in a parallels window, but this is not satisfactory as every update causes me problems and I am unable to export files for use in other programs ( seems to be Australian version rules ) I am now starting to use iBank, which although not completely satisfactory, is less frustrating.

  6. PW says:

    after using quicken since he mid 1990′s including the last 4 years via vmware fusion, the final straw was losing everything with the Lion upgrade (Yes I had backups but really!!!). iBank was relatively cheap and there are simple workarounds of its USA centric nature and it works.

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