Multiple Lions

Tara Brady
11 September, 2011
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Now that OS X Lion is out, I upgraded to the new system and it launched beautifully. Although I am not a real system geek, it will probably take me some time to get used to it. Not sure that I like the ‘proscribed’ Mail view format but we’ll see. 

However, I am a multi-mac user in my house with one desktop iMac and two MacBook Pros. Do I have to purchase another upgrade of $32 for every Mac in my house? I did have a multi-user license previously which allowed up to five machines to use the license. 

I know that $32 is a lot less than it usually cost to buy the upgrades, but it would seem a bit of a hit to have to pay it three times. Could you please help with this situation?

 - Stephen Carpenter 

The great thing about Apple and its operating systems is that now due to the Mac App Store the software is able to be downloaded to all your Macs that have the same Apple ID authorised on them.

That means that you only spend the $31.99 price once and can enjoy the operating system on all your macs, as long as they are running Snow Leopard prior to upgrade and are running Intel Core Duo processors or higher.

To authorise your Apple ID on your Mac just open iTunes and select Store > Authorize this Computer, then log in with your Apple ID. Note that each Apple ID can only be authorised with five machines.

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