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Martin Kingsley
7 April, 2011
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I’ve had a Magic Mouse for a while now and generally love it. However, with some applications, notably Word 2008, it seems difficult to control – as soon as I put my hand near the mouse the cursor leaps around on the screen and I lose my place in the document.

I’ve tried all the adjustments I can think of to little avail. So I’ve taken to having a normal mouse plugged in for when I use the problem apps. I can’t find anything on the Apple site that suggests this is a known problem – is it?

Many thanks (and also for your regular column in AMW).

Don Munro, via email

The sensitivity of the Magic Mouse can indeed be a problem for some users, Don. My advice would be to take a look at the free MagicPrefs (, which allows you to exercise a great deal of granular control over the functions and sensitivity of the Magic Mouse.

There’s also BetterTouchTool (, an incredibly nifty free application that allows you to define a vast number of alternate gestures and take advantage of some really interesting ulterior functions of your Magic Mouse.

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  1. Peter T. says:

    The only problem I have with the magic mouse is with FireFox. Quite often, when I am using the mouse with FF, as I move the mouse FF jumps back a page. Very annoying and a problem that I cannot seem to purposefully replicate.

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