Managing an iWeb site from multiple Macs

Christopher Breen
23 April, 2009
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So, you want to be able to modify your iWeb sites from home and work as well? But you can’t find a way to synchronise the content between the two computers?

Fear not: it’s possible. The gist of what you want to do is this: Place your iWeb domain file (Domain.sites2) on a server somewhere (call it “the cloud,” if you like) and synchronise two computers to that file. When you make changes on one computer, those changes will be synced to the cloud-based version and then that version will by synced to your other computer.


Unfortunately, MobileMe doesn’t support this kind of syncing. But other services do.

One of those services is Dropbox, a free-for-2-GB-of-storage syncing service that Macworld Big Cheese Jason Snell likes a lot (I do too). Syncing your iWeb domain file works much as I described—upload your Domain file (found in ~/Library/Application Support/iWeb) to Dropbox and configure your two Macs to sync this file. To get the complete lowdown, take a look at this Old Toad Tutorial (Number 21), which nicely spells out how it’s done.

The small fly in the ointment is that Dropbox provides just 2GB of storage for free. If you need more storage, it costs $US99 ($A135) a year (or $US10/$A13 a month) for 50GB.

If you need that greater storage, but not as much as 50GB, you can do this less expensively with SugarSync. Similar to Dropbox, SugarSync lets you synchronise files between multiple computers. Unlike Dropbox, there’s no free-forever plan (though you can have a free 45 day trial). However, SugarSync offers 30GB of storage for $US5 ($A8) a month. To learn how SugarSync works this brand of magic, check out this Managing Sync Folders support page.

Note that to be safe rather than sorry, work with these files on just one computer at a time. Editing an iWeb site on two computers at the same time could lead to a corrupted Domain file.

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