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17 December, 2012
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The FileMaker Go App Maker is a free tool that generates iOS Configuration Profiles that can be used to add launch icons to the home screen on an iPad or iPhone.

The resource gives users the ability to combine one or more database launchers into a single profile. Databases can either be located on the device or on a remote host, and each database launcher can optionally include a Script to be executed after the file opens.

To help you get started, follow these handy tips and tricks to get the most out of what App Maker can do.

1) Opening a FileMaker solution on the iPad or iPhone is usually a two- step process – open FileMaker Go and then open the solution. But you can also do it with a simple tap on an icon on your home screen.


2) A FileMaker solution can be launched from a web clip using the fmp:// URL. This includes the name of the file and, optionally, a script to run, a script parameter and variables. For more, go to: answers/detail/a_id/11033/Solution. In this tutorial, we use the Estimates starter solution.


3) The iPhone Configuration Utility (IPCU) is provided by Apple and can be downloaded for free for Mac or Windows from Apple’s Knowledge Base. With this, you can create a device configuration profile.


4) FileMaker, Inc., has created FileMaker Go App Maker which greatly simplifies the creation and distribution of web clips.


5) FileMaker Go App Maker can be downloaded from the FileMaker Technet Developer Community. Go to:


6) If you are not yet a FileMaker TechNet member, you can join free here: Membership gives you access to a wealth of technical papers, resources and a Developer Forum.


7) App Maker ships with an example database profile called FileMaker Go Starter Solutions which includes the four Starter Solutions included with FileMaker Go.


8 ) Select any database in the list to check General settings. Home Screen Name will be the name you give to the web clip; database name is the name of the database; device location either ‘On Device’ or ‘Remote’; and a field for your web clip icon.


9) You add an icon for the web clip by clicking the icon field and choosing an image file. For best results use a square icon no larger than 400 x 400 pixels and under 1MB uncompressed. Images will be scaled and cropped, and converted to PNG.


10) Once a database has been added to a profile, you can also configure the web link to run a script when the FileMaker app opens. This script call can also include a script parameter and set any number of local or global variables.


11) You can add a new database to the existing profile with the ‘+ Add Database’ button. Then fill in the General settings for the new database.


12) Any database can be disabled in a profile by clicking the On/Off slider.

13) When all the settings are as you would like, you can generate the mobileconfig file using the Save Profile button. When you click this button, a file with the Configuration Profile Name will be saved in the same location as the App Maker solution.


14) The Settings tab in App Maker allows you to specify how mobileconfig files will be sent by email – either via your email client or directly via a specified SMTP Server. Here, you can also set the output resolution for icons to suit the Retina display (recommended).


15) You can also send the mobileconfig file by email. If App Maker is set to send via the email client, an email message with the file attached will be composed to send to the specified email; if using SMTP, the email will be sent automatically.


16) If you emailed the file, open the email on the device, tap the file attachment and confirm to install the configuration. Similar actions are necessary if the file is transferred using the IPCU or downloaded from a website.


17) When you install the profile, you will be advised that the profile will change settings on your device. You may then be asked to enter the passcode for the device. The profile is then installed.


18) The installation will install a web clip for each database from the profile. Tapping any icon will open Safari, which will then process the URL to open the database and run any specified script.


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  1. Peter Gabra says:

    Where can i find FileMaker Go App Maker to download it?

    Thanks in advanced.
    Peter Gabra

  2. TechTurtle says:

    I have not been able to find a copy of FileMaker Go App Maker online.

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