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Anthony Caruana
10 December, 2007
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Windows Mobile isn’t natively supported by OS X, so installing extra applications is a little tricky. Windows Mobile programs are contained with CAB files. These are archived files, like ZIP files, using a Microsoft proprietary technology.

When you’re searching software Pocket PC or Windows Mobile software use both platform names in your search queries. Although the Pocket PC nomenclature is quite dated now, most applications designed for Pocket PCs work on the latest hardware.

Most Windows Mobile developers assume you’ll be using a Windows system so they package the CAB file in a Windows executable. Fortunately, many developers are obliging and will provide Mac users with a CAB if you e-mail them and ask nicely. Also, searching their sites will sometimes reveal CAB files as well as Windows installers.

The easiest way to install new programs to your Windows Mobile device is to copy a CAB file to the device. You can do this by e-mailing it to the device (assuming you’ve set up your e-mail account), beaming it via Bluetooth or using a program like The Missing Sync or PocketMac.

Once you get the CAB file to your device just double-tap it. The Windows Mobile installer launches and then it’s just a matter of following the prompts to install the application.

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