How to unmount drives automatically when closing a Mac’s lid

Glenn Fleishman
14 November, 2016
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Andre LaRiviere asks:

Is there a way to avoid having the drives ‘unmount’ when I (forgetfully) close the top? It’s a small thing, but it’d be very happy to avoid force ejecting and remounting.

It’s such a reasonable and common bit of behaviour, it’s surprising Apple hasn’t built in some version of this. Fortunately, the ecosystem has provided: Jettison, a US$5 app from St Clair Software, prevents your Mac from sleeping until its unmounted drives are removed. You can then disconnect them as soon as you see the laptop enter sleep mode. It can also remount drives automatically when waking from sleep if they weren’t removed.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Is there a way to avoid having drives unmount at all when I close the top of my MacBook Pro? I’d like the drive to remain mounted because I’m running VirtualBox with the guest image on a JetDrive permanently in the SD slot. When the JetDrive unmounts, the guest OS crashes. The guest image is about 40GB so I’d like it off the main SSD.

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