How to turn into a take-away chef

Macworld Australia Staff
14 November, 2012
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First-World consumers are embracing online shopping at an ever-increasing rate, as evinced by the way we’re dropping the phone for the internet when ordering take-away food.

Pizza chain Dominos currently takes more than 50 percent of its orders online, with 40 percent of that coming from mobile devices. With this in mind, last month it launched an iPad app designed to streamline the process and introduce an element of fun.

The mainstay of the app is a feature called Pizza Chef, in which customers use a simple drag-and-drop interface to build a pizza from scratch.

The process described here is almost exactly the same on an iPhone, except you don’t have the Pizza Chef option.

It’s a great app that sets the bar high for other food chains.

1 Tell ’em who you are
















You begin the process by choosing from the Delivery or Pick Up options – or Catering, if you have 10 or more people. You then type in your address, any instructions for the delivery person and your name, phone number and email address. There’s an option to save the data for the next time you order. On this screen you can also register to streamline future orders and receive discounts, vouchers and news.


2 Make your choice















The app will show you the nearest store to you, and tell you if it’s open or not. There’s a default delivery time of ‘As soon as possible’ but this can be easily changed. You can still pre-order if the store is closed. After that a menu will load, showing the normal pizza menu and the new Chef’s Inspirations line-up, plus pasta, sides and the 97-percent-fat-free Good Choice Range.


3 Build your own












Another option is the Pizza Chef interactive menu, where you create your own pizza by dragging and dropping sauces and toppings onto the base of your choice. It’s a really cool and fun way to order – especially for kids – and the graphics make it easier to keep tabs on how your pizza will turn out.


4 Sit back and wait
















You can opt to pay by card or cash, and the app even gives you the option to warn the delivery person that you’ll need change for a $50 or $100 note. Very handy. After you’ve placed your order, an animated Pizza Tracker graphic shows you the stage your pizza is at, from placement of order and cooking to leaving the store and completed delivery.


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