How to: Spotify subscription music service

Macworld Australia Staff
3 August, 2012
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New to Australia, Spotify is an amazingly comprehensive music streaming network that allows you to discover. listen to and share more than 16 million tunes. A free version gives you ad-supported access via Mac or PC software; the $6.99/month Unlimited plan removes the ads and gives unlimited access; and the $11.99/month Premium version gives mobile access, an offline mode and higher-quality streams. We’re using it on the iPhone/iPod touch here; on the iPad it shows high-definition album art and stacked navigation.

1. Log in

Spotify is closely linked with Facebook, so you’ll need a Facebook account to get started. You can later go in and control your visibility if you want total or some privacy.

2. Try before you buy

As a new user you receive a 48-hour free trial of the Premium service, which should give you enough time to decide if you like it. Be prepared to get hooked.

3. Stay on top

Spotify’s What’s New page shows you the 10 Top Tracks in Australia, 10 of the latest releases and a news feed. It’s a great way to keep abreast of what’s happening.

4. On the scent

With more than 16 million songs to choose from, you have a chance of finding almost any track, album and artist – even more esoteric ones.

5. Keep it simple

Once you’ve chosen a track or album, a simple, well-designed Play screen appears. The tracks can be skipped by flipping right or left, and an Info button brings up sharing and rating controls.

6. Playlist heaven

Playlists are one of Spotify’s strengths. You can create them, share them and import them. This one’s G’day Australia, an introductory playlist by Spotify.


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