How to get Justin Bieber out of your Twitter timeline

Nick Mediati
3 February, 2014
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A funny thing happened on the internet last week. You see, Justin Bieber got busted for drunk driving, driving without a valid licence, and resisting arrest, per CNN. So naturally, this is how Twitter responded (top right)…

Due to the insidious nature of Bieber-related tweets, you may not be able to excise the pop star from your Twitter timeline completely, but with a little help from some third-party tools, you can at least make sense of Twitter again.

Master the mute tool

A number of third-party Twitter clients – such as Tweetbot for iOS and OS X or the web-based TweetDeck – let you mute tweets from certain users or tweets that contain certain keywords. This can be a useful tool if you want to avoid tweets on a certain topic, but don’t want to unfollow half of your friends. On Android, try UberSocial or Plume. On Windows Phone, try an app like Twabbit (US$1.49).

mute bieber tweetbot

Tweetbot for iOS lets you mute tweets that contain certain words or phrases.

If you use Google Chrome and prefer to use Twitter’s standard web interface, extensions exist that will let you mute certain keywords. One option is Silencer, which will do the deed for both Facebook and Twitter, but requires you to allow Silencer to access your Twitter account. Another, named Rather, will replace muted topics with something you’d actually want to see.

Again, this won’t stop all the Justinsanity, but it can keep it to a minimum.

Hide images from your newsfeed

You can turn off inline image previews in Twitter's mobile app. Tap Me, tap the Settings button (a gear icon), choose Settings from the list of options, then toggle the Image Previews option to the 'off' position.

If you’re OK with Bieber jokes, but would prefer to not have Justin’s mugshot staring at you, you can do that using Twitter’s mobile app or a third-party client on your computer, phone or tablet. This may be a bit of a pain if you prefer Twitter’s web interface, but you might find switching to a third-party app to be worth the change – many of them include features that Twitter’s official clients don’t have.

Wait it out

Of course, nobody’s forcing you to use Twitter, so if you can’t be bothered to add a mute filter or switch to another app, you can always just sign off of Twitter for the day. I mean, the Justin Bieber talk has to die down at some point, right? Right? We all need to get back to our cat pictures!

by Nick Mediati, TechHive

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