How to create a website using Webr for iPhone

Rob Beattie
9 February, 2013
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The iPhone makes a decent enough device for blogging on the go, and the device can even be used to create HTML code thanks to various editors such as Byword. However, the pastures are rather less green for anyone who wants to create a quick website, but who doesn’t have access to a computer.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the basic features of Webr. This free app lets you create a simple, good-looking website that contains multiple pages with text and graphics, as well as a blog, organised into posts by date. You can choose from a variety of professionally-styled themes, add and edit content, and then make the site easy to find by adding meta tags, descriptions, Google Analytics and more.

Vital Info

Device: iPhone

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time required: 45 mins

What you need:

Webr – free

iOS 4.3.5 or later

01 Getting started

Download and install the free Webr app from the App Store, then tap to start. At the main screen, tap the ‘+’ button to start creating your website. Tap ‘Website Title’ and give your site a name, then close the soft keyboard and tap Next. Here’s where the site gets built. Tap ‘Pages’ to begin.

02 Adding a page

Tap the ‘+’ button and choose image, text or blog page. We’re going to create a home page by selecting Add Text Page, then typing in a heading and some text. Close the keyboard, then tap the Images tab and then tap the Photo icon. Tap Choose photo, select one, then tap Done. Tap the Text tab to see it in place.

03 Adding photo pages

Tap Save and Webr will display the newly created page in its ‘Contents’ list. Tap the ‘+’ button at the top of the screen and add an image page. Next, tap the Photo button and this time select four photos from the library, then tap Done. Back at your web page, add a title and hit Save.

04 Choosing a design

We’ve gone on and added a blog page in the same way, then pressed the ‘Back’ button at the top of the contents list and tapped ‘Themes’ on the main page. Webr asks its users to create a free account to use the service – just type in the relevant details and then swipe through the gallery to select a design.

05 Publish the site

Back at the main page, you’ll see that the site status at the top of the screen is still indicated as ‘Draft’. Tap the ‘Done’ button at the bottom and Webr will upload the site to its own web space and assign it an address. After a short while, a message will indicate that the status of the site has changed to ‘Online’.

06 Viewing and updating

Here’s the website online. To edit the content, return to the app, press Back, then select the site and tap Edit Content to change what’s already there or add new pages. Alternatively, hit Edit Settings, then choose Advanced Settings for all manner of different options (see the main screen shot for details).

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