How to create a Screen Sharing shortcut

Christopher Breen
14 July, 2014
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Screen Sharing, mac, help, macworld australiaReader Jim Mullen seeks a swifter way to screen share. He writes:

I use a Mac mini as a media center connected to my TV. Because I use it to store and play my media, I routinely screen share to it from my iMac to copy media from one to the other. But the process is so cumbersome – selecting the mini in a Finder window’s sidebar, clicking Share Screen, and then logging onto the Mac. There must be a faster way!

There is, and you’re going to love it. Try this:

For the last time, use the method you’ve used in the past to share the Mac mini’s screen with your iMac. When the mini’s window appears take a gander at the shared screen’s title bar where it says something like Jim’s Mac mini and drag the icon that appears just to the left of that name to your iMac’s desktop. A VNC alias file will be copied to that self-same desktop.

screenshare alias

Drag, drop, double-click, connect. Screen Sharing made easy.

Quit Screen Sharing and then double-click on this alias file. Ooh as well as ahh when the Screen Sharing window pops open and displays your mini’s screen – without prompting you for a password. Now that you know the trick, just place the alias where you can easily find and use it.

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  1. Michael Cowling says:

    For extra geek points, find the machine on the network (click “Go->Network” in finder) and then click “Get Info” on both the machine as well as the VNC shortcut. You can then copy the icon from the network item (CMD-C) and paste it over the one in the VNC file (CMD-V). Voila, a little image of your Mac Mini that you can put in your dock and click to start screen sharing!

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