How to beam photos in iPhoto for iOS

Karissa Bell
15 May, 2012
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Whether it’s using Brushes, adding special effects or simply making basic edits, iPhoto for iOS offers a great degree of flexibility for editing photos on your iPad or iPhone. But aside from the ease with which you can edit photos, the mobile version of iPhoto offers users an unusual advantage when it comes to sharing.

Wireless Beaming must be enabled on both devices' settings in iPhoto. Photo Location must also be enabled on the device you are beaming from before you can begin the beaming process.

Using the Beaming feature, users can wirelessly share edited photos across devices without iCloud, Dropbox or other cloud-based services. Instead, Beaming uses a shared Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to allow users to share photos between devices with the iPhoto app installed.

Beaming is a fast and simple way to share photos between iOS devices. And since iPhoto uses non-destructive editing, you can easily edit an image on multiple devices or revert to the original photo.

While Beaming is a simple process, it’s important that both devices are set up properly, with the correct settings enabled, otherwise the feature will not work.

Both devices must have the iPhoto for iOS app installed and both must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or paired to the same Bluetooth device. Both devices also must have Location Services (found in the device’s main settings) on and wireless beaming enabled in iPhoto’s settings.

To enable Wireless Beaming in iPhoto, tap the gear icon on iPhoto’s main screen and select Wireless Beaming. This needs to be selected on both devices in order for your photos to Beam. Include Photo Location also needs to be enabled on the device you are beaming from.

Beaming uses your device's Wi-Fi or bluetooth connection to share iPhoto photos between iOS devices.

Once you have the appropriate settings enabled and have the iPhoto app open on both devices, you are ready to start Beaming. Open a photo you wish to Beam, tap the share icon and select Beam.

Now, choose the photos you wish to Beam. Selected will beam the individual photo you have selected, Flagged will beam all flagged photos and All will beam all of the photos in that particular album. You can also beam a range of photos by selecting Choose, which allows you to select up to 100 photos at once by tapping on the thumbnails.

Once you have selected the photos you want to Beam, tap Next and your iPhoto app will automatically find the other iOS device with iPhoto and Beaming enabled. Select that device and tap Beam Photos to begin the Beaming process.

You should get a push notification on your other iOS device asking if you would like to allow the photos to be beamed to that device. Tap yes and the photos will start transferring to the second device.

You can Beam up to 100 photos at once to another iOS device with iPhoto for iOS installed.

The time it takes to beam photos depends on your internet connection and how many photos are being Beamed. Beaming a large number of photos at once can take awhile and it’s important to keep in mind that photos will not beam if the device you are beaming to goes into sleep mode.

Once the beaming process is complete, beamed photos will show up in a separate album called Beamed in your iPhoto for iOS Library. Note that if you beam a photo that was previously edited using the app, the edited version is the one that will beam. But, since iPhoto for iOS edits are non-destructive, you can, if you want, revert to the original version and remove any edits applied before the beaming process.


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