Four-up printing

Dave Bullard
18 September, 2011
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I have an antique eMac with iPhoto 6 installed, which I’ve always been very happy with. I can print four standard photos to an A4 page (N-up), and make double fold greeting cards, etc.

However on my new MacBook Pro iPhoto 9 won’t let me do these things. I’ve found a way around making greeting cards by duplicating the photo, rotating it to upside down (as the pic always appears top left) and choosing paper size A4, print size 3×5. Then I can print a double fold card. (Apple obviously wants us to only order cards through them!)

I’ve tried Preferences, etc. I’ve even thought of uninstalling iPhoto 9 and installing the older version, although the editing features on the newer version are better. Any ideas how I can get back to printing four-up?

Elaine Riding

You’re right, Elaine – iPhoto seems to have dropped that functionality to ‘encourage’ you to buy Apple’s own greeting cards. But there is a way to print N-up the way you used to – in Preview.

Just export the four photos you want to a folder, or drag them to the Desktop. Then open all four at once in Preview and hit c-P. The resulting Print dialogue box will give you the options missing from iPhoto.

Click on Preview and, in the resulting drop-down menu, choose layout. Then change Pages Per Sheet to 4 and choose your layout direction. You’ll still need to play with the photo orientation, however.

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