Disappearing Drive

Martin Kingsley
22 April, 2011
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I have a WD Elements 1GB backup drive that disappears frequently off my Desktop (OS X 10.6.4) I have run TechTool Pro, Disk Warrior and Drive Genius, reformatted it and, and, and. Each program says the drive is fine but it still disappears and leaves me with the warning box about disconnecting the drive. Do you have advice? The drive is relatively new and WD are usually robust.

Tom Samson, via email

Have you tried using other external drives or USB flash disks with your Mac? Are you using a USB hub of some kind? Try instead connecting your external hard drive directly to the computer and see if there’s an improvement.

Also, try swapping the USB cable and the USB hub for new ones, to be sure the fault doesn’t lie with peripheral equipment. If they also disconnect at random, then I’d argue you’re looking at a problem with the USB ports or logic board of your computer, for which you’ll have to go to Apple for advice on repairs.

If you can only replicate the behaviour with the Elements drive, I’d advise getting it replaced under warranty.

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