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Christopher Breen
26 August, 2011
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I get inconsistent performance from some apps on my iPad, particularly when trying to watch an online movie. I have a strong Wi-Fi connection, so I don’t think that’s it. Any ideas?

- Tony Moon

I’ve experienced the same thing, and you’re right, it’s not a Wi-Fi issue – I’ve had video apps play perfectly when I have just a couple of bars and quit when I have a full complement of bars. This is a memory issue, so you should clear out the inactive clutter in the iPad’s memory.

There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to simply restart the iPad. Doing so flushes the iPad’s memory and cleans things up nicely. This technique always works for me. Optionally, you can use an app to free up memory.

That app is XZone Software’s $2.49 XSysInfo. Launch it and you see a lot of information about your device arranged in categories including Usage, Processes, Estimated Work Time, Network, Device Identity and Tech Specs. We’re interested in the Usage pane, where you tap an arrow icon to clear memory.

If you tap the Settings icon, you have the option to clear memory when you launch the app.

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  1. R Heacock says:

    Memory reclaim function has been removed “at request of Apple”. App is now almost useless. This really pi***es me off; spend money for a function and then have it withdrawn.

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