Can you use older versions of Apple’s Pages on macOS Sierra?

Glenn Fleishman
9 May, 2017
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Juanita Roushdy says, “I have an iMac running Mac OS X 10.6.8 that uses Pages ’09 (version 4.1), which I absolutely love and use for all kinds of newsletters, etc.”

Pages, mac, email, macworld australiaShe also has a MacBook Air with macOS Sierra and the latest Pages (version 6.1) installed, but she hates it. She’s not alone. Many people didn’t like the switchover, which Apple built from the ground up a few years ago. It’s really a different software package with largely similar features, but different interactions for many tasks.

She has a question about continuing to use a version of Pages she prefers. She asks: “Can I update my iMac to Sierra and still run Pages version 4.1?”

The short answer is: yes. Whether by intent or not, Pages ’09 has continued to work for several releases past Apple’s shift to Pages 5 and then 6. I regularly have to fire up the old version of Pages for some tasks I don’t like or can’t perform in Pages 6.

Pages ’09 doesn’t properly recognise which files it can open, however, so if you try to open a file created in Pages 5 or 6, you’ll receive an error that reads, “The required index.xml file is missing.” (Pages 5 and 6 can export files to Pages ’09 format, however, and can open Pages ’09 formats and convert them.)

I’d also recommend updating Pages 4.1 to the latest version Apple released in that series, which is 4.3, but it doesn’t appear as if 10.6.8 will allow the update to be installed. You should be able to perform that update in Sierra.

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  1. Art Hackett says:

    So it’s not just me that hates the later versions of pages or the OS.
    When will we get another Snow Leopard when things work without bringing the computer close to meltdown? I’d probably still be using it if calendar and contact syncing wasn’t disabled, not that it works reliably in any later versions anyway.

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