Auto-enabling Safari’s Private Browsing

Christopher Breen
31 March, 2009
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Safari’s Private Browsing feature may be useful, but there’s no way to turn it on by default. Or is there?

When you quit Safari and launch it again, you’ll find that Private Browsing is turned off. And no, editing the file does you no good either. Safari just resets the option within the preference file when you next launch Safari.

If you’re running Leopard you can, however, automate the process of enabling the Private Browsing option with AppleScript. Like so.

First, launch the Universal Access system preference and enable the Enable Access for Assistive Devices option.

Now, launch Script Editor (within the AppleScript folder inside the Applications folder) and enter the following script:

tell application "Safari"	activateend tell

tell application "System Events"	tell process "Safari"	tell menu bar 1	tell menu bar item "Safari"	tell menu "Safari"	click menu item "Private Browsing"	end tell	end tell	end tell	end tellend tell

Save the script as an application and then use that application to launch Safari. When you do, Safari will launch and Private Browsing will be enabled.

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