Archiving Backups

Martin Kingsley
24 April, 2011
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In the November 2010 issue of  Macworld Australia the Secrets article describing ‘How to move to a larger disk’ was a very interesting read. The problem I have is that I currently backup to a 500GB Time Capsule and also have a 500GB WD standalone backup disk. Can I incrementally archive from the Time Capsule to the WD hard drive? If so, what is the best way to set it up?

Darryl Macintire, via email

You can archive from the Time Capsule to another drive by plugging a drive in a USB enclosure into the USB port of your Time Capsule and then accessing Airport Utility (located in Applications > Utilities), selecting Disks, followed by selecting your Time Capsule’s drive, clicking the Archive button and then selecting the secondary drive (the one connected to the Time Capsule via USB) from the drop-down menu that pops up. The process is described, with screenshots, in this Apple Knowledge Base article:

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