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27 September, 2012
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FileMaker Go 12 is a free app that runs databases created with FileMaker Pro 12. It is a simple process to copy a database to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via iTunes. You can then fully utilise the database to collect, search, analyse, report and send data for any number of uses.

In this tutorial, you will see how to create, upload and use a FileMaker database on your iPad using FileMaker Go.

1 Download FileMaker Go 12

FileMaker Go 12 is a free app available from the iTunes app store. Search for FileMaker under Business and download to your iPad. Note that there are two versions of the app – one for iPad and one for iPhone.


2 Explore FileMaker Go 12

When you first open FileMaker Go, the Getting Started database will open. Use this introduction to explore FileMaker Go 12 features and sample files.


3 Close all windows

To close all windows and return to the File Browser, tap the Windows icon at the top left of screen and then the Close All button. This will take you to the File Browser where you can see locally stored files and access files hosted with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.


4 Download a free 30-day trial

If you have not yet purchased FileMaker Pro, you can download a free 30-day trial from the FileMaker website.


5 Create a new file in FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is used to create and modify files for use in FileMaker Go. The easiest way to start a new file is to open one of the 16 starter solutions in FileMaker Pro. You can select ‘Use a Starter Solution’ in the FileMaker Quick Start screen or choose File > ‘New From Starter Solution’. In this tutorial, we use the Estimates starter solution.


6 Create new customer records

The new file has one empty customer record. Fill in details of a customer using the Tab key to move between fields. Create a second customer record by clicking the New Record button in the status toolbar at the top of your screen. Complete the data as before. Continue adding new customer records.


8 Modify the database

In FileMaker Pro, you can modify the structure of the database. For example, you can add fields or change field names by going to File > Manage > Database. New fields can be added to layouts in Layout Mode.


7 Import customer records

If you have customer record data in a spreadsheet, you can import the data. In FileMaker Pro, choose File > Import Records > File… and select your spreadsheet. Match up the fields in the spreadsheet with the fields in the FileMaker table.


9 Upload the database via iTunes

To use the Estimates database in FileMaker Go, you can copy the file to the iPad or iPhone using iTunes. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Select the device and go to the Apps section. Scroll down to the File Sharing section and select the FileMaker Go app. Drag and drop the file into the file list on the right.


10 Upload the modified database via email

You can also copy a file to the device by emailing it. Attach the database file to an email. When you receive the email in the Mail app on the device, tap the attachment and select ‘Open in “FileMaker Go”’. This will copy the file into FileMaker Go and open the file.


11Unique iOS experience

If you use any of the FileMaker Starter Solutions, you may find that the experience on an iOS device is different to using the same file in FileMaker Pro. This is because the databases has been programmed to detect the FileMaker client. Explore how this is done in the scripts in FileMaker Pro.



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