Add apps to a Symbian mobile

Anthony Caruana
11 December, 2007
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The trickiest platform to find applications for is the mobile phone. Although the Symbian OS is probably the most widely used there are many variants, with phone makers often adding their own customisation. The best way to find phone apps is to include the make and model of the phone in your search criteria.

The easiest way to install new apps to your mobile, once you’ve found some, is to beam it to the phone using Bluetooth. Symbian applications are packaged in SIS files. However, some sites add the .txt extension to the name of SIS files. As a result, when you try to download the application a bunch of gobbledegook appears in your browser. If that happens Option-Click the link and download the text file. Once it’s on your system remove the TXT extension.

Using Nokia’s N95 as an example, once the SIS file has been sent to the phone it arrives in the Inbox. When you open the message you’re prompted to install the new application. Follow the prompts and your new application will be up and running in no time.

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