12 useful startup keys

Christopher Breen and Whitson Gordon
12 April, 2011
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Press keys immediately after you hear the startup tone

C Boot from a CD or DVD (such as the Mac OS X Install disc)
Select a volume to boot from
X Force system to boot into OS X
N Attempt to start up from a compatible network server (NetBoot)
Option-N Start from a NetBoot server using the default boot image
D A Start Apple Hardware Test (AHT)
Option-C-P-R-B Reset non-volatile RAM (NVRAM)
Shift Start up in Safe Boot mode and temporarily disable login items
C-V Start up in Verbose mode
C-S Start up in Single-User mode
T Start up in FireWire Target Disk mode
Eject, F12, or mouse button Eject any removable media, such as an optical disc


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  1. BrianB says:

    Can all these startup scenarios be explained in simple terms, and when it’s best to use them???

  2. Firitia says:

    Who put this together?
    just D, not DA.
    just commandoptionPR, not Option-C-P-R-B.

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