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26 January, 2011
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Desk Pets International has rolled out TankBot, a micro-robotic toy that uses your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as a remote and serves as a clear indication that the Day of the Machines is now at hand. Each TankBot has a dongle that plugs into the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s headphone jack, using Apple’s accelerometer technology to control the mechanoid by simply tilting the mobile device. TankBot even has a mind of its own: switch to autonomous mode and, using built-in IR sensors, TankBot can navigate a maze, avoid obstacles and interact with the users’ hand motions. TankBot will be available in the States starting June 2011 – local pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, but be sure to keep your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle to yourself from this moment forward…

Desk Pets International Desk Pets

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