Sig Innovations Daylight Viewfinder

Macworld Australia Staff
10 February, 2013
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Sig Innovations Daylight Viewfinder Gadget Guide

If you’re outdoors with your iPhone, a sunny day can turn into a trying challenge if you want to shoot photos or video. Here, the Daylight Viewfinder offers a quick remedy. The eyepiece sits on the iPhone screen to block the sun’s glare and facilitate touch controls for photo and video capture. Daylight Viewfinder works with a free guide app to further assist you.

US$29.95 + shipping
Sig Innovations

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  1. Ian Boyce says:

    I am interested in your daylight viewer. I have an iPhone 5 and a steadicam smoothie. From the photo above and the write-up in MacWorld I cannot see how it works. Do you view an image of a circle on the screen through the circular piece or does it show the whole screen through what appears to be the viewfinder sight? Can you see a good sized well framed image and is it possible to achieve focus with the daylight viewfinder attached. It seems a good price and I don’t expect miracles but just showing a part of the screen seems not enough.
    Please email a response to this. I am anxious to overcome the problem of sun on the screen and would even be happy to consider a partial cure. I can imagine it working with the smoothie too which is important to me. Ian Boyce

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