Knuckle Case for iPhone 4/4S

Macworld Australia Staff
18 August, 2012
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Knuckle Case for iPhone 4/4S Gadget Guide

Not to be used as a weapon, this knuckle-busting case gives you an iron-clad grip on your iPhone 4/4S. Machined from solid aluminium, you can thread your knuckles through the loopholes and carry your handset around like an extra mitt. But be warned – our publisher’s review sample was seized by the Australian Customs Service.

US$99 + shipping
Knuckle Case

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  1. Matty G says:

    Hi, So I am in Australia Melbourne and would love to buy this case for my I5 but is it even legal in Australia because you said that your publishers review sample was seized by customs over here? Knuckle dusters are illegal here but is this really classified as a duster? Can I buy 1 without it being seized does anyone know? Also is there anywhere in Australia that sells them so I wouldn’t have to worry about that? Thanks heaps Regards Matty G.

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