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Macworld Australia Staff
11 September, 2011
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Kambrook SmartSwitch Gadget Guide

Standby power is said to account for more than 10 percent of consumers’ household electricity use, so if you want to save money and get a bit greener, it’s time to think about getting rid of those little lights. The SmartSwitch power adaptor from Kambrook can help: when it detects that the equipment plugged in has been inactive for between one and three hours (you can set the interval) it turns it off. Simple!


Kambrook www.kambrook.com.au


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  1. Artpunk says:

    …or you could just switch the power off at the wall outlet when you are finished using whatever equiment you’ve been using? Or is that too hard these days? :-)

  2. Charms says:

    But don’t turn an iMac off at the wall or you will find the internal time clock battery will die. An obsessional uncle in the UK had to get the iMac clock fixed twice because he insisted on unplugging the iMac when it wasn’t being used for days at a time. The Apple repair shop wondered why this repair was needed until the habit of turning off was discovered..

  3. udi says:

    Actually there are two switches. one is for entertainment equipment and the other is for computer peripherals. the first detects uses of an infrared remote and as long as all your stuff is close together, it knows when you last used a remote via its own IR sensor. the other device just shuts down computer peripherals when your computer goes into sleep mode. After excluding from the system all devices that need a constant power supply, I calculated that if I bought both switches ($200) it would take me about 3.5 years to recover the price of the switches at today’s prices. That’s if they even lasted that long.

    I think that as consumers we should put pressure on government to mandate minimal (maximum) standby power requirements in the same way as in the EU. In the meanwhile, Artpunk has the right idea – flick that switch.

  4. Salman says:

    Hey Guys
    This product is free under the victorian government energy saving scheme, u can get four of theses stand by power controllers.
    Few companies in victoria can come and install for u.

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