Inspiration – Monster Headphones

Macworld Australia Staff
27 September, 2012
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Inspiration – Monster Headphones Gadget Guide

Frock ‘n’ roll with these fashionable over-ear, noise-cancelling headphones from Monster, designed for women and men, and featuring angled plush ear cups to ensure a snug fit and optimal sound. The headphones are available in titanium or pearl white finish, with eight unique, fashion forward headband designs to choose from, depending on your mood or style. Interchangeable headbands can be purchased for $39.95 each.


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  1. AB says:

    I fell in love with the design of Monster Inspiration headphones, they look beautiful and are reliably robust, I had to have them. But I did not love the sound reproduction. To be fair; its simply because I prefer not to have the bass over emulated with this popular, but silly, Doof! Doof! feature that can’t be turned off. The active noise cancelling feature did not operate as expected. Although they contain a tiny background-listening microphone and a battery powered circuit; they did not appear to listen to ambient noise and produce an opposing frequency. Instead; I got the impression that Monster’s concept of noise cancellation is to simply just boost the volume so you can’t hear the offending ambient noise. Don’t expect the Inspiration headphones to operate like the Bose noise cancelling feature which is how it should be done and probably the best NC feature I’ve ever experienced. The box spec did not claim a better than average frequency range. Upon listening to some well engineered audio I found the highs to be reasonably crisp, the mids flat and the lows way too loose. But obviously many people don’t mind a bit more boom. Distortion was kept within acceptable levels when connected to lower powered portable devices but my keen ears couldn’t help feeling they were struggling to sound expressive. Upon connecting them to a valve headphone amp they only sounded marginally better, warmer, but not any more expressive. Comfort was good. I suspect the slight tightness I felt against my flappers was due to being new. The headband is generously padded and the single sided replaceable cord was a very well designed feature. Definitely suitable for boppers with portable audio who can afford the sleek look but at AU$399 I returned them for a refund. Those who seek truly represented sound without splashing out big wads may want to consider headphones from AKG, AIAIAI or Sennheiser.

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