Collusion – iPad pen productivity tool

Macworld Australia Staff
1 June, 2012
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Sydney tech group Collusion is seeking Kickstarter funds to produce a productivity tool aimed at solving writing, drawing and collaboration issues on the iPad. Consisting of a digital pen, receiver dock and app, the system enables multiple users to contribute text, drawings or ideas to the one document around the globe in real-time via iCloud.


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  1. JR Hughson says:

    So I have one now. I just set it up. I’m really disappointed. I was really hoping this would be great and unfortunately I can’t say it is.

    1. The “receiver” doesn’t work with a back cover that is anywhere near the port. That’s a problem for me. I keep it on all the time and has saved me on 3 drops in the past.

    2. The pen is very accurate as far as placement, but is really slow keeping up.

    3. As far as I can tell only their app ‘sees’ the pen. I get that too, but it really limits based on my next nit.

    4. The software is very immature for drawing software. No eraser. The chisel pen doesn’t draw in the color selected. Editing an existing object is “delete”. At least as far as I can tell.

    5. The start up docs are not very helpful. It says “both batteries” but there is no indication of +/- (yeah I know two tries and fixed) Still.

    6. They spent a lot of time and money with a collaboration service. Really? Why? Use evernote. Maybe dropbox? The explanation that collusion docs are special is not going to cut it. It’s a graphic. It’s not rocket science. Unless you draw a rocket I guess.

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