CellSafe case for iPhone 4

Macworld Australia Staff
17 June, 2011
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CellSafe case for iPhone 4 Gadget Guide

Here’s one for iPhone 4 users worried about cancer-causing radiation: a new phone casing that promises to reduce the amount of radiation absorbed into the head by up to 74 percent. CellSafe is made of a silicone compound with an embedded RF module that – according to results from EMC Technology Laboratories – shields the user by channelling the radiation out through the rear of the case. Available in black, green, pink and grey.

CellSafe www.cellsafe.com.au


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  1. jokiin says:

    that shield in the back of the case would have the opposite effect, would radiate back toward the user, gives poor reception also according to those that use them, expected result though I guess

  2. JC says:

    Cell safe is basically a a poor copy of pong research cases. Shame on Macworld for not doing their research.
    There is patent & copyright action taking place for this blatent copying of Pong researches product, who have spent millions developing their cases.
    If you want the real thing do your research – stick with the original creator Pong Research.

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