BigPond Mobile Wi-Fi 4G

Macworld Australia Staff
21 March, 2012
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BigPond Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Gadget Guide

Launching on March 27, Telstra’s BigPond Mobile Wi-Fi 4G brings super-fast LTE mobile broadband to Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as iPhones, iPads and Macs. Up to five devices can connect to the unit to get 2-40Mbps download speeds and 1-10Mbps upload speeds in 4G coverage areas (capital city CBDs, associated airports and more than 80 regional and metropolitan locations). Another model, Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G, is now available to business customers.

Range of plans, including $59.95/month for 24 months with 8GB of included data plus $49 upfront.


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  1. Petter Miller says:

    Among all the many different suppliers of excellent wi-fi mobile telephony, I looked to buy this device just yesterday.

    It certainly stacked up well – but I went for the Virgin Mobile broadband wi-fi modem instead.

    “But why?” I hear you ask? Good question. Single phrase answer: a 24 month contract.

    Telstra don’t get it do they? I was prepared to pay much more – but I don’t want to told what to do for the next 2 years! All the other companies have changed their strategy to suit the public’s distaste for long-term commitments. All except Telstra.

  2. Mac Hosting says:

    Hi Petter,

    Telstra does offer a 12 month contract as well the Standalone plan that show 12 or 24 month, I have a device that is on a 12 month contract. Perhaps its not as visible as it should be in the bigpond website.

    The fact of the matter is the network and the infrastructure is not cheap to run and if you think that any one can afford to roll out such technology and not have customers in a minimum 12 month contract we would not have such technologies.

    All the best, good luck.


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