Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable

Macworld Australia Staff
22 October, 2010
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Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable Gadget Guide

This new Apple product didn’t make the cut in Steve Jobs’ Back to the Mac keynote, but a new HDMI cable quietly appeared on the Apple Store at the same time as the new MacBook Airs and other goodies. We’re not sure why its release didn’t coincide with the Apple TV update, but thought it should be brought to your attention all the same. It’s a 1.8 metre HDMI to HDMI cable ready to hook up your Apple TV to your telly. It’s black, so it’s a perfect match, and it’s half the price of the only other HDMI cable available through Apple.



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  1. Serge says:

    doesn’t tell which HDMI spec it supports

  2. Eric Lawson says:

    hahaha, $25?! it’s not gold plated, it’s made out of plastic, and it looks pretty damn thin… wouldn’t last long the way i treat my cables.

    i broke a bunch of cables after constantly moving them (my tv only has one HDMI). They were all plastic. got a couple to replace them from and they’re still going.

    A little off topic, but i got my macbook pro hdmi and ipad hdmi cable from there too – if anyone else is looking for a cheap aftermarket :P

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