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Build Your Own Ios Apps ( not yet, but soon)

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 08:34 AM

Apple is looking at a new piece of software to let you build your own apps. How cool would that be :D

I don't think it will let you build complex apps like angry birds, or major database, but hey it could be a bit of fun, to have a play with when it comes out.

Build your own apps
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Posted 13 April 2012 - 09:32 AM

Great idea!
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Posted 23 May 2013 - 12:15 PM

I personally can't see this happening and really hope it doesn't.

I have taken to teaching myself and through online courses Obj-C, C, Cocoa and AppleScripting (love AppleScripts now, its so versatile) as I'm semi retired on a DVA pension and going nuts at home all day every day. I also have had a idea for a App to which there still isn't one like it in the App Store.
To do this and get a App up, its cost me $99 a yr to get onto the App Developer Program and a lot of time. As I'm still learning and talking to other Devs just to get a App up knowing how to write the code takes such a long time. Mine is a Basic one, but know the research i need to do for it is going to go into the 100's of hrs.

If  brings this out, will everyone that gets it have to join the Dev Prog and Pay $99 ?? Probably not as that will turn away the kids that want to make a App. Now on Kids I'm sure there are some with good/great ideas, they need to source a Dev, but for those that just have a idea, the App Stores will be flooded with simple, minimalistic, stupid Apps. The thought of that makes me shudder.
I see it useful for a company where, as the article states, a restaurant will have a App for a Menu for their Customers. Great in a way.
If this does happen Apple need to make a completely new store IMO and put theses Apps there.

As icoco3 posted in the comments


...ultimately, to get a good and unique app, you will still need to get under the hood and do some coding.
and i agree whole heartedly. The consensus seems that there has been things like this in the past, and have failed, but if anyone can do it Apple can. Im not so sure about that, as i know somewhere that gives us Devs templates for a array of different types of Apps, but you still need to know Obj-C and Xcode to get them working and that in itself isn't easy.

For instance i have used 1 template to make myself a game that that represents the retro game Galaga, as i loved that when i was a kid, BUT it still took me 2 days to get it right, writing code and de-bugging it so i could get it to run on my iP5 and iPad Mini. . . . .

Anyways thats my take on it. I just hope they really think about it before they make any sudden movements :)
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