Tablet spec showdown: Surface vs iPad vs Galaxy

Daniel Ionescu, Macworld
18 October, 2012
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Tablet pricing will be all over the map this holiday season, but when it comes right down to it you don’t want a tablet that skimps on specs, or one that will bust your budget. Microsoft’s $559 Surface entry keeps things interesting, offering consumers another option in what might be the tablet “sweet spot” when it comes to just the right price for a tablet.

While Android tablets are feeding at the lower end of the tablet market with $200 price tags, the real battle for profits will be at the higher end, around the $550 price mark made popular by the Apple iPad. This holiday season, for $550, you’ll have more options, with different operating systems, screen sizes and specs, but which tablet will be the right one for you?

Starting at $559, the Microsoft Surface comes with 32GB of storage, compared to the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which come with 16GB storage at their lowest price point. The advantage the Note and Surface have over the iPad though is that you can expand the storage with memory cards.

The Surface is also the biggest tablet of the bunch with a 10.6in display, but it does not match the sharp display of the iPad’s 264 ppi pixel density. The Surface has the lowest count in the comparison, just after the Galaxy Note, which has a lower resolution but also a slightly smaller screen.

All the tablets are relatively thin, but there’s no clear winner, since the iPad and Surface come in at 9.4mm thick, and the Note is slightly thinner at 8.9mm. The Surface is the heaviest of the bunch, but only marginally over the iPad.

Unlike the stripped-down $200 tablets, you’d expect to get a bit more oomph for your buck when it comes to specs, and these tablets don’t disappoint. Dual-core processors are the norm, up to quad-core for the Note (Microsoft is yet to specify the clock speed of the Surface chip). You get two cameras, too, and good ones: the iPad has a 5MP shooter on the back, same as the Note, which tops it up with an LED flash, not usually found on tablets. Microsoft said the Surface cameras would be capable of 720p HD video, but didn’t give a megapixel count.


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  1. Andrew says:

    You forgot to mention one very important point. The 32GB surface tablet only has like 20GB of free space as the OS take up around 10GB. However, iOS only takes up 1GB.

  2. Carl says:

    These specs are wrong… Check out microst website…
    4gb Ram
    64gb /128gb hdd

  3. Omar says:


    That’s for the Surface Pro which will run the full version of windows 8, coming out early 2013, not the currently available Surface running windows RT.

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