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Danny Gorog
13 May, 2012
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With the new iPad now well and truly on laps and couches around the world developers are working hard to ensure their apps are upgraded to take advantage of the clarity of the new Retina display.

As when the iPhone 4 was released, it will take some time for all the apps you use to ’go Retina’ but the transition should be faster this time as the concept of working with high-resolution graphics is something developers and designers are already accustomed to.

Until then, unfortunately, using non-Retina apps on your new iPad will be a rather jarring experience. My advice is check the App Store for updates regularly as developers across the world burn the midnight oil on our behalf.

Retina apps contain much higher resolution graphics than standard iPad apps so you’ll notice that app sizes will increase. In recognition of this Apple has increased the size of the downloads you can make over-the-air using your 3G connection to 50MB.

With that in mind, here’s a short summary of the many apps that have been upgraded and do take full advantage of the Retina display.


iPad $2.99

Only a recent edition to the iPad, Tweetbot is a fully featured, powerful app for doing all the things you love to do on Twitter. With the latest update – including Retina support and a Wi-Fi streaming option – this app is the best way to experience Twitter on your new iPad.

The official, free Twitter client has also received a Retina update but in my mind Tweetbot is a much better app.


iPhone/iPad Free

Another favourite app of mine, Evernote is a cross-platform app (iOS, Mac and web) that lets you capture information in various forms from simple notes to images and audio recordings. Once captured, your notes are synced to all of your other devices.

The latest update provides Retina support, better iPad editing support and a more intelligent note naming system that uses your calendar as a reference.


iPhone/iPad Free

Flipboard is one of the most popular apps on the iPad, and for good reason. It was the first social news reader to provide a great user interface and really unlock the power of the iPad. The just-released update for iPad brings full Retina support as well as a host of new features like cover stories, full-screen images and typography, plus recommendations for international markets, including Australia.


iPhone/iPad $5.49

Already popular as the No.1 finance app for the iPad as voted by Apple in 2011, the latest update to StockTouch (pictured) brings full Retina compatibility to a stunning app that provides rich visuals into the stockmarket.

At the moment the app only supports US markets, but the developer has indicated that Aussie stockmarket support is coming soon, as well as a new watch-list feature.


iPad $5.49

If you’re looking for a super Google RSS reader for your new iPad don’t look past Reeder. It’s a beautiful, easy-to-use and now Retina-compatible iPad app that makes keeping on top of your hundreds of RSS feeds easy.

Apart from stunning graphics, the user interface of Reeder has been thoughtfully designed to make the content the centre of attention.

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