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Anthony Caruana
2 January, 2013
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Your Mac can do so much. It entertains, educates, works and plays. It looks awesome and is easy to use. But it’s not everything. There are some things that it can’t do.

Fortunately, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tools out there for getting the most out of your Mac. No matter what you do there’s a way to get even more out of it. Also, you can declutter and make your workspace an area of tranquillity and productivity rather than chaos and disorganisation. Finding the right accessories, however, isn’t like finding a needle in a haystack – it’s like finding the right needle in a pile of needles. There are so many accessories to choose from that the problem is one of choice.

We decided to avoid the usual suspects in accessory round-ups and look for the gear that isn’t just run of the mill. The focus has been on products that have caught our eye and not been simply another in a long list of similar products.


Rain Design i360

$69 (white; $79 (aluminium)


While the iMac and Cinema Display look great, one of the hassles is the lack of adjustability of the screen position. Rain Designs alleviates some of them with its stand. The i360 sits over the aluminium foot of an iMac or Cinema Display and makes it easy to rotate the screen.

Many of us work in shared offices where others need to look at what we’re doing on the screen. The i360 lets you easily swivel the screen without dragging across the desk. It also helps with one of our pet hates of Apple’s desktop gear – access to the ports at the back of the screen.

It sounds simple but the i360 will be just what many Mac users are looking for.


Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500 


Did you notice that Apple’s portable computers aren’t called laptops? That’s partly because they can get a trifle warm and bake your … lap area. If you’re like us, there are times when a more relaxed posture helps with productivity. The Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500 delivers comfort and protection.

The Comfort Lapdesk N500 has a curved base so that you can sit it on your lap, but keep your portable Mac’s keyboard at a comfortable angle.

The base is made of polyester and is cushioned so that the weight of your Mac doesn’t press too hard on your lags. There’s no room for a mouse, but that’s not a big deal as your MacBook Air or Pro has its trackpad.

The Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500 is handy for those times you like to relax with your Mac on your lap.


Mobee The Magic Bar

$69.95 + shipping


Although I like using my Mac’s wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad I hate it when they run out of juice. Although I have a stash of rechargeable batteries,
I never seem to have a fully charged set handy. The Magic Bar might sound like the place you lost your keys last night, but it’s actually an induction charging system for your keyboard and magic trackpad.

The Magic Bar connects to your Mac by USB, which is how it gets its power, and includes a battery pack that replaces the two AA batteries you currently use and protrudes from the keyboard or Magic Trackpad by about 1cm.

Slide your keyboard or Magic Trackpad onto The Magic Bar and it starts charging.

Although it’s a little dearer than Apple’s recharging solution, The Magic Bar is more elegant.


Griffin Elevator

US$39.99 + shipping


In the old days, propping your laptop up to an ergonomically sound height involved the Yellow and White Pages directories. Fortunately, those rather inelegant stands can make way for the Elevator – an acrylic and aluminium platform that complements your portable Mac.

The Elevator comes in three parts that slot together easily. The overall width of about 25cm is perfect for every portable Mac from the 11in MacBook Air to the 17in MacBook Pro. Sitting at our desk, the bottom of our Mac’s screen was elevated by about 17cm, raising it to a comfortable height.

If you use a portable Mac at your desk, the Elevator is worth looking at.


Twelve South HoverBar



Finding a convenient spot for your iPad can be a pain. You want it close enough to use but not cluttering up the surface of your desk. That’s where the Hover Bar from Twelve South comes in. It attaches to the stand of your iMac or Cinema Display and holds your iPad off the desk, adjacent to your main screen.

Aside from keeping your desk neat, the Hover Bar offers another practical benefit. There are a number of apps that enable you to use the iPad as an extended display for your main system.

Simple, elegant and functional, the Hover Bar is a nifty add-on for your Mac and iPad.

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