How an NAS eliminates stress

Macworld Australia Staff
12 May, 2015
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Running a small business doesn’t have to be so stressful. You probably have more important things to worry about than wasting time looking through hundreds of files just to pull out the right document. You may be thinking, ‘Why can’t they just be stored all in one place where I can easily access or share them?’

In a similar fashion, have you ever forgotten to bring documents with you to an important meeting? Or thought, ‘Why can’t I just have everything on me wherever I go?’ Well, stress no more, because a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device could be the answer.

So what is this NAS that can lift the unnecessary weight off a small business’ shoulders? NAS is a storage device that is connected to your home or office network, and can include one or more hard drives. All files stored on a Synology NAS can be easily accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone through the connection via your local network or over the internet. It is compatible with all popular platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Think of NAS as a little warehouse that will store all your documents, images and videos in the business, a little warehouse to which you have access wherever you go!

You have the ability to connect and grow your business with the world with the many advantages of Synology’s user-friendly NAS.

File syncing and sharing

Maybe you work or play on many different devices throughout the week, or perhaps you occasionally collaborate with co-workers and clients on projects – all are activities that need a dedicated file sharing and syncing solution to keep your digital life organised. With the DiskStation Manager (DSM) software, Synology NAS provides you with the ability to easily share files with your team by serving as a network drive, or with clients through FTP, WebDAV or a simple download link, no matter whether you are using Windows, Mac or even Linux. With no need for an IT professional, you can create a user group and account in seconds. A NAS can be seamlessly integrated into a Windows AD or ADAP environment. You don’t even have to stress about the newcomer employee, because he is automatically able to have access to everything the team has.

With the magic of Cloud Station, all team members are able to synchronise and edit important files, no matter what device they are using. With the ability to grant your co-workers access, you can sync and share large files around the world, making long-distance collaboration a piece of cake.

Safe and secure

A Synology NAS solution is able to secure the entire data transmission process with minimal human intervention required. HTTPS and SSL/TSL connection prevents the interception of files being transferred through the internet. Want to be even safer? Users are also able to encrypt sensitive information with their own private keys through the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and be assured that their files are safe. With the helping hand of Log Center, files that are added, overwritten or deleted will automatically record the user, IP address and type of activity, which can be exported for future audits.

Storage that grows with your business

Small businesses sometimes don’t stay small forever! Businesses can grow and often they outgrow their file server and are faced with that daunting task of further increasing performance or storage space. But, fear not, because there is a wide range of NAS choices with expandable RAM modules and scalability from one to 106 hard drives, by connecting with specially designed expansion units. The DSM operating system brings out the very best in the hardware, enabling NAS to deliver high performance that surpasses its PC or NAS counterparts. Users can rest easy knowing that, with the low power consumption of NAS, a small business can keep its operating cost low. Lower power, lower cost – it’s that simple.


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