Vodafone hawking 3G iPhone

Matthew JC. Powell
16 May, 2008
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It may be some time before the iPhone officially reaches Australian networks, and the 3G version has still not even been officially announced, but that isn’t stopping one mobile provider drumming up business. One iPhone-owning AMW crony reports getting a telephone call from Vodafone offering an upgrade to the third-generation model "in a couple of months". No more specific time frame than that was offered, but even that is enough to confirm what many observers have long suspected: Vodafone will be carrying the 3G iPhone in Australia, and it can’t keep a secret.

According to our source, the caller from Vodafone said that even though it isn’t yet officially carrying the iPhone here, the handsets are identified by the network whenever a call is made. Vodafone is apparently using that information to compile a list of people currently using iPhones on its network.

The caller then went on to say that our source could upgrade to a 3G model for $0 upfront if he signed up to a $79 per month plan for 24 months — a total plan cost of $1849.

Pressed for more details as to when the phone would actually appear, the sales person said that the 3G model wopuld be announced "next month" (presumably pointing to a WWDC unveiling) and that Vodafone would have it "a couple of months" after its announcement. Of course, it’s important to take these estimates with a spoonful of salt, as sales staff are not always the most reliable indicators of when a product will be available.

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