Telstra will have the iPhone

Matthew JC. Powell
30 June, 2008
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Telstra announced this afternoon that it will be offering the 3G iPhone, and that it will release it on the same day as competitors Optus and Vodafone. Those two carriers had both announced their partnership with Apple to sell the phone last month, shortly after the Worldwide Developer Conference, at which the 3G iPhone was unveiled. Telstra, despite being the last to announce its intention to carry the phone, is the first to announce its pricing plans.

Telstra will offer the 8GB iPhone for $279 up front on a two-year contract at $30 per month. The same model will be available for free on Telstra’s $80 per month plan.The 16GB model will cost $399 upfront on a $30 per month contract, or included for free in a $100 per month contract. Telstra has confirmed it will not be selling the iPhone outright and only 24-month contracts will be available.

Neither Optus nor Vodafone has yet revealed their pricing plans, but pressure will no doubt increase for them to do so now that Telstra has showed its hand. Sources at both carriers indicated that their plans would differ somewhat from Telstra’s, and Optus would sell the phone outright (but without nominating a price).

Telstra’s plans also include free access to WiFi internet at Telstra hotspots — a competitive edge that the other carriers will be hard-pressed to match.

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