Optus announces … not much really

Matthew JC. Powell
12 May, 2008
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Following hot on the heels of last week’s announcement by Vodafone that it would carry the iPhone in ten countries including Australia and New Zealand, without actually saying when, or what model, or what features, or whether it would be exclusive, or anything, Optus has announced that it, too, will be selling the iPhone in Australia. Like Vodafone, it has refrained from announcing when it will bring the iPhone to Australia, and it has held off saying anything about wether it will be 3G or not. The fact that there have now been two announcements more or less settles the exclusivity question though.

Importantly, Optus has shot ahead in the brinksmanlike game of one-downmanship in terms of the word count of its release. Last week’s Vodafone "announcement" was comprised of 64 words, while today’s from Optus managed to say just as little in only 51 words — including the prceless "More information will be released at a later date". We don’t even get to find out when we’ll know more.

The gloves are off and the challenge has been thrown down to Telstra and Three — which will be the first to break the 50-word barrier? How few words can one of these releases possibly contain?

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