NetShare questions answered?

Jonny Evans (Macworld UK)
7 August, 2008
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Nullriver, the developer behind the only known iPhone 3G tethering software for Mac, say it has now managed to make contact with Apple to end uncertainty as to the fate of its much-requested application, NetShare.

NetShare is the only known application that lets iPhone users link their mobile with their Mac in order to get a Mac online. While that feature is a common one in most mobile phones, Apple’s doesn’t allow this out of the box, and requires additional third-party software in order to run it.

Nullriver grabbed attention last week with the launch of the application, which was briefly available on the App Store. Many users rushed to download the software, which answers one critical need on the part of iPhone users, but Apple later removed the application from sale.

Then it appeared once again, only to disappear for a second time this week. NetShare is not currently available on the App Store.

Some reports claim part of the rationale for the removal of the application — an application most iPhone users can visualise they may at some point need — is that AT&T does not allow for such use within its iPhone 3G contract. Given Apple’s habitual US focus, that one slice of opposition may be enough to hamper sales of NetShare on a global basis. We don’t know.

And nor does Nullriver — the company has only just been able to achieve a connection with Apple to discuss the fate of its application, telling customers this week:

“We’ve finally gotten in contact with Apple. Looks like the lack of communication was due to automated e-mail systems being employed on both ends, which resulted in e-mails being lost in transit. We’re working with Apple to get NetShare back up on the App Store.”

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