AyePhone speaks pirate, so you don’t have to

Dan Moren
19 September, 2008
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You may have missed it on your calendar, but today is the 13th annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Feeling a bit rusty? Area 49′s ayePhone will help you avoid the critical mistake of speaking like a non-pirate on this, the holiest of all pirate days.

Tempting as it is to fill this entire post with nothing but piratical jargon, that seems a little too obvious for my tastes. But if you really feel the need to get the full buccaneer effect, you can always view a pirate version of this post with the help of ye olde Pirate Translator.

Anyway, ayePhone displays a large traditional pirate insignia of skull and crossbones; every time you tap said icon (be careful not to use your hook hand), you’ll be rewarded with a sound clip of an appropriately piratey expression.

Yes, it’s of limited utility—Lonely Planet Pirate Phrasebook this is not (that would be arrrrrguably the greatest application ever). But hey, at $1.19, it’s a mere fraction of a doubloon. And you’ll totally be set for every International Talk Like a Pirate Day ever.

If nothing else, it’s cheaper and will waste far less of your life than the last two instalments of Pirates of the Carribbean.

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